$215 Million Set Aside for Michigan Roads

Michigan will get $215 million to be used for road work. A House-Senate committee finalized the legislation yesterday. The money would come out of the general fund with half being designated to the fill potholes around the state. The other portion will go towards shovel-ready construction projects. An extra $100 million is also being set aside for roadwork this summer.

Run Water Alert for Filer Township

A run-water alert has been issued for Filer Township in Manistee County. Residents in Oak Hill and Filer City are advised to run pencil-sized streams of water for 24 hours, everyday. Although temperatures have gotten warmer, the frost line in the ground is what freezes the pipes. Other cities that should continue to let their water run include: Hart, Custer Township, Lake City, Manistee, Pentwater, and Scottville. 

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