House of Flavors Advances to Ice Cream Shop Final Four

The race rages on for the best ice cream shops in West Michigan. After almost 40,000 votes, WZZM 13 has narrowed the competition to a final four.

The finalists are: Coney Land (Muskegon), Country Dairy (New Era), Mooville Creamery (Nashville), and, of course, Ludington’s House of Flavors.

The vote will continue for one more week and a champion will be crowned this Friday, July 17th. House of Flavors remains neck-and-neck with Mooville and needs the continued support of the community in order to come out on top. As of Monday morning, House of Flavors led the competition by just over 100 votes.

Vote every day by copying and pasting the following link into your browser:

Ludington is Receiving A New Sculpture

"Flights of Learning" artist Bryce Pettit will soon have another sculpture featured in Ludington

A new bronze fishing sculpture will be dedicated to the City from the port of Ludington on Tuesday at 5pm. The Bronze sculpture will commemorate the sport of fishing celebrating the city's schooner history. It will be located in an area along the channel already designated as the Ludington Maritime Heritage Park. This addition to the sculpture trail was created by artist Bryce Pettit who also created the sculpture "Flights of Learning" located in front of the Ludington Public Library.

Speculated Connection: Could "Baby Doe" be Ludington's Baby Kate?

Two weeks ago, remains of a 4-year-old girl were found in a garbage bag on a Boston Harbor beach. Authorities are yet to identify this child who people across the country are calling “Baby Doe.”

The mystery behind the girl’s identity has led many to wonder, could this be Ludington’s missing Baby Kate? Katherine Phillips disappeared just over 4 years ago. Remains of the then-4-month-old baby were never found.

The Mason County Sheriff’s Office is aware of the situation and is working with Massachusetts authorities to evaluate the speculated connection. Sherriff Kim Cole says there is no information to verify any kind of connection between the cases, but the agencies are sharing DNA evidence to investigate the possibility.

Baby Kate’s father, Sean Phillips, is awaiting the trial for her murder. If a connection is made between the two, this could prove to be significant evidence in that trial.

If you have any information regarding the identity of Baby Doe, contact the Mason County Sherriff’s Office immediately. The photo above is a computer-generated image of what the child would have looked like based on her remains. 

UPDATE: The Ludington Daily News is reporting that preliminary results have found the DNA from the girl's remains NOT to match Baby Kate's. Authorities still awate official lab results. 

Manistee River Cleanup Recruiting Volunteers

This Saturday, July 11th, over 100 volunteers will gather to help clean and preserve the Manistee River. This annual cleanup event helps to keep the river in good condition for animals living there as well as the people visiting.

Members of the Metro West Steelheaders and the Steelhead Manifesto leading the cleanup are calling for more volunteers. The river runs nearly 200 miles through Michigan so there is virtually no limit to the number of people that can help.

The crew will meet up at High Bridge at 9 AM and clean until 2 PM. After, there will be a cookout to thank volunteers including a prize giveaway.

To sign up, copy and paste the link below into your browser:

DNR Opens Survey Regarding Future of Ludington State Park

The Parks and Recreation Division of the Michigan DNR has opened an online survey in order to receive public opinions and ideas about the future of the Ludington State Park.

The survey asks respondents for input about their satisfaction with campgrounds, beaches, trails, shelters, fishing locations, and landmarks like Big Sable Point Lighthouse. Those taking the survey can then freely propose any ideas or suggestions they may have for the park.

The DNR has big plans for the future of Ludington State Park, and they want to be sure to consider the public’s input as much as possible.

Follow the link to take the questionaire:

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