New Hammock Rules to be Strictly Enforced at 'Electric Forrest'

35,000 people will have to be a little more strategic in how they relax at this years Electric Forest. The festival kicks off at the Double JJ Ranch in Rothbury, June 25-28.  New hammock rules are aimed to preserve the experience and overall health of the forest. Festival goers are no longer able to stack hammocks and designated areas will be put aside as a first come first serve basis. Hammocks are said to be the soul of the Electric Forest and part of what makes it a unique experience. 

Man Charged for Providing Drugs that Caused Overdose Death

Lewis Mudget (24) of Hart was arraigned in district court yesterday after being charged with two felony counts of "Delivering a Controlled Substance Causing Death". According to SSCENT detectives, a 46 year old Hart woman died in the Fall of 2014 after overdosing on heroine and fentanyl delivered to her by Mudget. Mudget is currently imprisoned on an unrelated charge. 

Gas Prices Climb State-Wide

This week, gas prices have spiked drastically raising Michigan's gas prices to around 12 cents above the national average. After about a month of refinery problems and a significant oil cost increase Wednesday, local gas prices have swelled as much as 30 cents per gallon. According to, Many stations in the ludington area peaked at $2.99 per gallon yesterday and have continued to increase above $3 overnight and into the morning. This summer had been predicted to be the cheapest summer for gas in 5 years. 

Local Women Will Compete in "Miss Michigan" Pageant

Two local women are representing the area in The Miss Michigan Pageant starting next week in Muskegon. Miss Ludington Area will be represented by Cassandre Marie Macdonnell of Ludington, and Miss Western Michigan will be sending Jodi Beckman of Shelby. The women have begun packing and readying themselves for a busy week ahead of them. But for these girls, it isn't just about winning. Cassandre spoke with MOM radio saying, "Everyone asks if I'm heading to Miss Michigan to win, and while that would be such an amazing honor, I intend to win new friendships and experiences, and discover a new level of confidence in myself that I never knew I had. And to me, that's winning."

Ludington Mass Transportation Authority Cuts Amber Township

State funding cuts are forcing Ludington public transit to cut corners. In July, the LMTA will stop transporting riders to and from Amber Township. Amber is the only township serviced by the LMTA that pays no taxes for the transportation. Over 20,000 annual riders use the service to get to Amber to shop, eat, and work. Employees formerly dependant on the public transit busses will have to find new ways to get to their jobs every day. LMTA executives worry about these negative repercussions and aim to solve the problem with cooperation from Amber businesses. 

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