Fiber Maker Faire Cancelled

 Ludington Area Arts Council regrets to announce that the Fiber Maker Faire, originally scheduled for Saturday, October 12, has been canceled.  The current installation in the Arts Center’s Main Gallery, Fiber Invitational '13, will remain on exhibit through November 3.  Fifteen artists representing some of the finest in fiber art are represented in this unique exhibition.  The Silk Painting workshop scheduled for September 28 and the Recycle-Repurpose workshop scheduled for October 13 will be held as scheduled.  Please visit for a complete calendar of upcoming events.

Happy Anniversary WMOM!

While it isn't a remarkable day otherwise--September 26th--is special to us. 14 years ago, today, WMOM signed on the air for the first time.  We didn't know exactly what the impact would be.  Just before our start up, we put up a sign at the original location that said "Always Listen to Your Mom".   The building at 907 East Ludington Avenue has long since been.   We later found out that all sorts of rumors  has been told about the new occupant in the 100 old year building.  But, Almost immediately people tuned into our unique blend of contemporary music.  Nine years ago we moved into our present location.  Several of WMOM's employees were in high school when first started broadcasting, including Sales Manager Esther Johnson and morning show host, Erik Etchinson.  We're proud to say that today we're alive and well.  As Mark Twain once said "the rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated". 

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