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Lake Michigan Breaks the Ice-Coverage Record

Lake Michigan breaks the ice-coverage record. The 1977 record of 93.1% was surpassed this weekend, with a new record of 93.29%. Last Thursday, ice cover on the Great Lakes was the second highest cover on record, with just over 92%. However, as of this past Sunday, ice-coverage melted down by a percentage. It is expected to continue to decrease due to this week's warmer weather. The current record for Great Lakes ice-coverage is about 95% in 1979.

Scottville Home Fire

A home in Scottville catches fire. Scottville, Custer, Pere Marquette and Riverton Fire Departments all responded to the scene, on State Street, at about 4pm, yesterday. The fire started and spread throughout the second story of the home. Firefighters were able to extinguish the fire within 40 minutes, but ammunition in the house caused for concern. The family of three made it out of the house safely. 

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