Multiple Meth Related Pleas in 51st Circuit Court

51st Circuit Court in Ludington heard an interesting collection of charges and pleas Tuesday including: retail fraud, home invasion, and assaults on officers. Among these were two guilty pleas to methamphetamine related charges.

After SSCENT raided his home earlier this year, Russell Wallager (30) of Branch pleaded guilty yesterday to operating an in-house meth lab in addition to two felony firearm counts. Wallager could face up to 50 years in prison for the charges.

In addition, Jacqueline Towers (63) of Fountain pleaded guilty to purchasing common cold medicines to aid her grandson Travis's meth manufacturing. The two cases are considered entirely unrelated. 

Perfect Weather This Week With a Possible Stormy Ending

The weather this week will be perfect. Michigan temperatures are slowly climbing through the lower to mid seventies. We can also expect low humidity and minimal cloud cover. All of those factors will make for one of the nicest most comfortable weeks we've had yet this summer.

Then, there is this weekend. Right now, rain is being forecasted for Friday and Saturday. That storm is currently developing over Nebraska and Colorado and we are likely to see these thunderstorms hit the majority of the state by this weekend.  WMOM will keep an eye out on these possible severe thunderstorms, but for now we can enjoy these beautiful Michigan weekdays. 

West Shore Community College Trustees Welcome Dr. Kenneth Urban

The West Shore Community College Board of Trustees held their monthly meeting last night to discuss upcoming events, but this meeting also served as a welcome to the college’s new president Dr. Kenneth Urban. After discussing budget changes, job training programs, and the upcoming College For Kids summer camp, the meeting transitioned to board comments where each member welcomed Dr. Urban with the upmost appreciation.

WMOM spoke with the college’s Vice President Scott Ward about his hopes for the college’s future under their new colleague: 

Ward said, “I’m totally confident that we’ll continue the community outreach that we really worked to expand this year, and expansion of our workforce development with business and industry in our district… I’m totally confident under Dr. Urban’s leadership.”

Dr. Urban said he was “utterly amazed” at the welcome he’d received from the community and expressed his excitement for the opportunity to lead the college, telling the board his “head is full of ideas.”

WSCC will officially introduce their new president July 31st at the final Friday Night Live in Ludington. 

Ludington Offshore Classic Weather and Results

Mother Nature played a big role in this year’s Ludington Offshore Classic. Severe thunderstorms forced boats out of the water early Saturday morning restricting the competition to one full day of fishing Sunday.

Even with weather complications, fishermen managed to reel in some monsters including a 21-pound lake trout caught by “It’s Me.”

The Offshore Classic’s winners included: the Dream Weaver's “Fin Girls” in the women’s division, team “Anglerfish” in the amateur division, and a repeat title claim from “Pier Pressure” in the top division. 

Its Kids and Ladies Day for the Offshore Classic

Its kids and ladies day today at the offshore classic. Despite heavy showers this early morning, the tournaments continued on as the rain recessed. Among the scores of boats on the water today we were invited to talk with the "Fin girls" that were on the Dream Weaver boat. The women are fishing in the women's tournament today. We spoke with them briefly on "Moms Morning MadHouse" to see if the fish were biting. Shelly from the fin girls actually helped bring a fish live on the air.

Listen to WMOM news today for the whole story.

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