Winter Weather Advisory for 2/27

A winter weather advisory is in effect until 3 pm today. Wind gusts up to 40mph will cause blowing snow and wind chills around 20 below. Snow-covered to icy roads will cause hazardous driving conditions. Gusty winds and overnight snowfall has caused drifting snow on many north and south roads. The Mason County Sheriff's Office is reminding motorists to use caution when traveling today, due to the whiteout conditions.

Eric Knysz: GUILTY

Eric Knysz is guilty in the murder of Michigan State Trooper Paul Butterfield. A jury found 20-year-old Knysz guilty of first-degree murder of a peace officer, felony firearms, carrying a concealed weapon and unlawfully driving away a motor vehicle. Witness testimonies concluded yesterday and Knysz chose not to take the stand. The jury deliberated for about two hours before reaching a verdict. Knysz will be sentenced April 8th. He faces life in prison.

Verdict Returned in Eric Knysz Trial

The jury has found the defendant, Eric Knysz guilty on all accounts.  The following are the charges for which he will be sentenced:

First degree murder of a peace officer in performance of his duties

Possession of a firearm

Carrying a concealed pistol without a license

Unlawfully driving away a motor vehicle

The jury deliberated today for a short period of time before returning the verdict. 

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