Firefighter Positions Expected to Stay Filled With Experienced Out of State Workers

A measure designed to make it easier for firefighters coming from out-of-state to be certified in Michigan has been signed into law by the governor.
The bill passed the House in November and the Senate in October.
State Senator Dale Zorn, the bill sponsor, says it would provide firefighter certification reciprocity with states that have the same certification standards as Michigan.
He says the measure will help local fire departments keep up staffing levels by allowing them to hire experienced firefighters coming from other states. 
Under the measure, qualified firefighters from 45 other states would be able to work in Michigan.

Michigan has Lowest Gas Prices in the Country; Raise Expected by End of Day

Triple-A reports today that the average price of a gallon of gas dropped 12 cents over the past week in the state. Michigan now has the lowest gas prices in the country at a dollar-81-cents per gallon. But it won't last, according to's Patrick DeHaan who believes the average will rise to a dollar-99 before the end of the day.

PM River Has a New Invasive Species to Watch For

A tiny snail is the latest invasive species to pose a threat in Michigan. The "Detroit Free Press" reports the New Zealand mudsnail has been confirmed in the Pere Marquette River in Baldwin. Michigan Department of Environmental Quality aquatic biologist Sarah LeSage discovered the snails on a floating trip down the river and tests confirmed they were the first New Zealand mudsnails found in the state. 

Chicken Pox Outbreak in Traverse City; Non-Vaccinated Asked to Stay Home

Nearly a dozen Traverse City Area Public School students have to stay home because they’re not vaccinated and there’s been a chicken pox outbreak in the district. Eight students at three different elementary schools have the infection. UpNorthLive-dot-com reports any student who isn’t immunized has to stay home for 21 days.

Great Lakes Being Protected From Microbeads in New Legislation

A ban on environmentally damaging microbeads is a step closer to reality. The U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee has unanimously passed legislation cosponsored by Chairman Fred Upton of St. Joseph. He says it's designed to help protect the Great Lakes. The beads are used in soap, face wash and toothpaste and are small enough to get through water treatment systems. Once into the water, they're mistaken for food and eaten by fish.

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