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Minimum Wage Increase

Beginning September 1st, the minimum wage is set to have its first increase. Minimum wage employees can expect to see their wages go up to $8.15 per hour. This is the first increase in six years and is part of a gradual 25% minimum wage boost. By 2018, the set pay will be at $9.25 per hour.

WSCC President Waives His Right to an Arraignment

West Shore Community College President Chuck Dillon waives his right to an arraignment. Dillon was scheduled to appear in the Manistee District Court this morning on charges of operating with a high blood alcohol concentration. Because he waived his right, he will have a pretrial next month. Dillon was arrested in Manistee, about three weeks ago, for drunk driving. His blood test results revealed that he had a blood alcohol level of .186, which classifies as "super drunk." Dillon is currently on paid administrative leave from the college and must complete an alcohol treatment program while on leave.

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