Ludington North Breakwater Vandalized

The North Breakwater off of Stearns Beach has been heavily vandalized. The walkway to the lighthouse was tagged in at least 5 areas over the weekend.

Vandals used bright green spray paint to leave a combination of messages and images that are still clearly visible. The tags included a moon, sun, peace-symbol, clouds, waves, tic-tac-toe board, and even the phrase “I (heart) Ludington.”

Though this was clearly not an act of hate, it is still an act of crime. If you have any information regarding the taggers, please contact the Ludington Police Department. 

Scottville Considers Disbanding Police Department

Citizens and elected officials in Scottville are in the midst of a decision that could result in disbanding the city’s police department. As financial issues and costs of living continue to complicate city operations, commissioners search for potential budget cuts that could create solutions.

Currently, Scottville’s budget doesn’t have room for the employment of a treasurer, forcing City Manager Amy Williams to uphold her own duties as well as those of a treasurer. The proposal to disband the police department could solve this issue. WMOM spoke with commissioner Ed Hahn about why he believes the city could prosper without the police department.

Hahn: “From what I’ve been able to gather from the vast number of residents is the fact that… they feel that by eliminating the police department and recouping that $180,000 a year, and the fact that Mason County [Sherriff’s Office] is so good at what they do, we would be just as well off without [the polcie department] as we would with them.”

Mason County Sherriff Kim Cole has assured Scottville residents that his office would respond to their 911 calls and address concerns brought to their attention. The commissioner pointed out that other cities in Michigan have made similar changes with positive results.

Hahn: “Pontiac disbanded their police department, Oakland County took it over. Their crime rate dropped 21% in 18 months… and from everything that I’ve been able to find and read, the residents there are completely satisfied with that."

Hahn worries that people have taken his proposal as a tirade against the police department rather than as a solution for the city’s needs.

Hahn: “It’s really a financial issue, it truly is. And it’s been brought up in a number of meetings… and we’re always told the same thing, 'we just don’t have the money for it, we just don’t have the money for it,' so if we don’t have the money for it then what we need to do at this point is try to find a way to generate the money for it.”

WMOM will continue to follow the situation as it progresses. 

Downtown Ludington Business Keeping Choice to Buy Confederate Flag Available for Shoppers

You can still get a confederate flag in Ludington. Garth Lemere, owner of the AGS gift shop on Ludington Avenue says that a new shipment came in on Thursday afternoon.  There were over 100 flags in several boxes.  More than 23 were sold immediately. 

The state of South Carolina recently took the confederate down and that has thrown the flag into a serious topic of debate. The flag has also been banned by Amazon, Walmart, Ebay, and Sears. Ebay states their reasoning for the ban is that "the flag has become a contemporary symbol of divisiveness and racism."

Those opposed to the banning southern flag site history, freedom of speech, and many say that the flag is not a symbol of hate. Since there is no current ban Alternative Gift Shop will continue to lawfully sell the rebel flag.

Community Bonfire Tonight

The city's second bonfire of the summer will take place tonight on the south side of Stearns Beach. It starts at 8pm and goes until 10pm. The first bonfire saw about 500 people make their way to the beach to catch a piece of that Pure Michigan summer. Enjoy some acoustic goodness by charter boat captain, and local fan favorite Adam Knudsen.

Storms are possible for tonight, but not probable. Keep listening to WMOM for the latest in weather updates.

Ludington Receives National Out-Doors Recognition

Ludington is being honored on national levels by multiple groups of out-door enthusiasts. 

Ludington State Park was recently ranked number two on’s list of the top 100 campgrounds in the United States. This listing places Ludington above places like Yosemite National Park and even the Grand Canyon.

Additionally, the hunting and fishing experts at have named Ludington and Manistee as the two top salmon fishing ports in Michigan. Both cities stand out above the rest of the state for outstanding catch-per-hour rates, making them the obvious best options for anglers looking to reel-in high numbers of huge catches.

Rankings like these help Ludington and Michigan achieve the national recognition essential for stimulating the year-round economy. 

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