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WSCC Board Makes No Decision On Dillon

Following a 2 hour closed session used to discuss the written opinion of their lawyer, the WSCC Board has come to the conclusion that they need more time to close up investigation in the matter of Dr. Charles Dillon's future with the college. The single decision made at the meeting was to inform all staff of WSCC that the matter needs to be closed and all investigation complete before the next board meeting which is later this month. The consensus among the board members who voiced opinions was that this is a decision that will need to be well thought out, and thoroughly investigated in regards to applying the law and that this will take time. Although the public would like a quick decision, they will not be making it lightly without weighing all information. At this point they feel there is more that needs to be looked at. With community seeming to be on one of two sides in this matter, the board acknowledged that regardless of what they decide there will be some who are upset with the decision.

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