City Council Meets Tonight; Landlord Fees to be Discussed Thursday

The city council is meeting tonight. On the agenda is the closure Stearns beach on the south side of the for the Jaycees "Back to School Bash" which will be Aug 25th.  They will also be looking into paving south Deila street, and setting aside two parking spaces onSouth Ferry Street for Harbor One boat crew members.

The hot button issue that is the "Rental Inspection Program" will have its own special meeting this week on Thursday @ 5:30pm. This is the program that would charge landlords a $75- $105 fee every three years per unit for inspection making sure it meets the standards set by the city. This has been met with opposition by local landlords and the city has received lots of feedback from the community. We will follow this story and have an update Friday to see what the city decides to do on this issue. 

Dina Hackert Resigns Again; LHS to Find New Head Coach Immediately

The LHS boys basketball team is now scrambling to find a new head coach. Dina Hackert has resigned from her position as the boys varsity basketball coach before the season even had a chance to start.

There was a stipulation on the transferring of her son from Kentucky back to LHS. Allegedly the rules state that her son now a junior would have to sit out a semester. This issue may have gone unnoticed or unchecked all season without any problems but Dina and LHS wanted to handle this situation with integrity. Not wanting her son to sit out for a semester Dina choose to resign. The family will now head back to Kentucky for the school year.

The basketball team and the school had big hopes this season by bringing one of its most successful coaches ever back to Ludington, but that shot clock has expired. The search is now active for the next Ludington High School Head Basketball Coach.

Invasive Species Management Now Covers Five Local Counties

The Forrest service and the DNR are teaming up against invasive species that threaten Northern Michigan. Its called the North Country Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area.

The fight locally was focused on public land like national forests or state parks. They now want to include private land owners to handle the disconnect of only spraying land that is public or state owned.

The Invasive species management will now cover five counties and include public and private land owners.

Mason, Lake, Wexford, Missaukee and Osceola Counties will now be protecting itself against invasive species. The state has pointed out eight specific species making their way across Michigan: Eurasian phragmites, black and pale swallow-wort, Japanese and giant knotweed, baby's breath, flowering rush, and European frogbit.

Some have seed banks that have to be sprayed for 100 years so it is very important to keep them from spreading.

Visit for more information. 

Young Men Occupy Court

It was a busy day for young men in local court yesterday.

20 yr old Scott Samuel-Ray MacArthur pleaded guilty Tuesday to felonies of aggravated stalking; using a computer to commit a crime and a third offence habitual offender.

19 yr old Austin James McCumber was arrested June 19 by the Mason County Sheriff’s Office in the Wendy’s parking lot on US-10. McCumber testified that he had two grams of heroin in his possession at the time of his arrest.

21 year old Sebastian Allen-Leroy Chandler testified Tuesday that he touched a girl’s breasts, who was under the age of 13 at the time, and that he also possessed a provocative picture of a child under the age of 16.

Voters say "Yes" to Millage Renewal

Both Millages passed yesterday at the polls. LDN reports a wide margin of yes voters in Mason County totaling:
Yes 1,157
No 636
Manistee County precincts reporting:
713 yes votes 
538 no votes
New WSCC president Kenneth Urban says staff and students were “Gratified” at the outcome.
The request was defeated in two counties by narrow margins:
Oceana County at 36 yes to 63 no 
Lake County 18 yes and 23 no
Mason County Easterns Millage Also passed:
Yes 269
No 112
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