Where is Our Sand Going?

The sleeping giant that is Sargent Sands has woken up. Holding on to its 400 acres between the state park and Piney Ridge road, the company has owned its ancient mining permits since the 1930s. The sand selling company has been running 24 hour operations for at least the past year. Truckload upon truckload of sand dune is shipped to undisclosed businesses. The company is remaining tight lipped on who they are selling sand to. Some speculate the sand is used for hydraulic fracking while others say it's for the foundry industry.

Sargent Sands says everything they are doing is legal. They own the land outright so they are working with local agencies to work within the confines of the law. This can be surprising to some considering the value of irreplaceable lakeside dunes. Local residence are complaining about the noisy 24 hour mining operation. The appearance of the dune area are now developing into larger and larger man made lakes due to the mining and the lakes are only expected to get bigger.

Special thanks to Interlochen Public Radio for breaking this story.

Gas Jumps; Supply Problems

Have you noticed gas prices going up? You're not imagining things. Problems with a crude distillation unit in Indiana will have gas prices rising by as much as a dollar. This disruption in the supply chain will end up hitting the consumer in the pocket. 

Michigan already saw average gas prices jump 11 cents in one day.  Some experts are saying that depending on how bad this ends up, gas prices could jump by a dollar in the next two weeks. 

67 Year Old Hart Senior Busted for Pot Farm

photo courtesy of: upnorthlive

SSCENT detectives have arrested a 67 year old Hart man in Weare Township.

Joseph Raymond Kokx was allegedly manufacturing marijuana and had 190 plants on his property along with 9 lbs of processed marijuana. Two fire arms were also seized by police.

Kokx was lodged in the Oceana County Jail Aug 7th.  Lt. Ambrose says additional arrests are pending.

Top Five Named in Momentum $50,000 Competition.

The top five finalists were named in the Momentum Business Plan Competition. Lots of excitement is building as the proposed early stage businesses are all vying for $50,000 to start or move to Mason County. The businesses range from breweries to organic foods. They include:

All Occasions by WCT (Wendy Morrow & Cheryl Freeman) 
Lefevre Corporation (Mark Lefevre)
Makers’ Market (Erica Karmeisool)
Stuart Family Organics (Jim Stuart)
Starving Artist Brewing (Andrew Thomas)


They will now pitch their idea before a panel and a live audience Aug 20th at West Shore Community College. 

Headlining Grandstand Events at the Western Michigan Fair

The Western Michigan Fair starts tonight. Along with farm animals, rides, games, and tasty bites; some may be wondering what events are lined up for the week in the grandstand?Here is a simple list of the major grandstand events happening this week.


Tuesday, August 11th Mud Bogg and Slick Track Drag

Wednesday, August 12th Super Cross

 Thurday, August 13th Garden Tractor Pull

 Friday, August 14th Super Kicker Rodeo

 Saturday, August 15th Demolition Derby


Fair entrance on most days will be $3 and $12 for grandstand entrance. 

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