Maki Reads Apology at Commission Meeting

photo courtesy of MCP

Scottville Mayor Richard Maki read a statement apologizing to the public for the behavior of the commission at Monday’s city commission meeting.

“I would like to apologize for the disrespect shown in recent city commission meetings towards the city commission, the city manager, the city attorney and especially the chief of police and his officers and the community as a whole.”

This is directly referring to disbanding the police department, which has been a hot button topic. No longer says Maki “the business of the city police department was decided two years ago and our citizens are happy about it so we are not going to continue to discuss this.”

Windy Storm Causes Outages

Last night 60 Mph wind gusts downed power lines and trees alike, leaving Consumers Energy to pick up the damages. 134,800 people were effected by dozens of downed power lines that Consumers crews are still actively working on restoring. 
It is anticipated that most of the effected customers will not have their power restored until late Wednesday. As of this morning, 94,000 people are still affected by the damages. 
Mason County came out relatively unscathed; LDN reported earlier in the day, wires were down in the area of Fisher Road east of Jebavy Drive, setting a tree on fire about 4:30 PM.  
Great Lakes Energy is reporting just 11 people without power in Mason County. Manistee County had 760 outages reported by Consumers.  If you are without power you can call Consumers at 1-800-477-5050.

Waterfront Park Welcomes Another "Dont Miss" Act This Weekend

Did you miss 'The Eagles' tribute band last week? Well you have a second chance to catch another "grade A" performance this Saturday at the Waterfront Park in Downtown Ludington.

The Beatles tribute band 'Britians Finest' is one of the best Beatles tribute band in the country and possibly the world. Based out of Hollywood California, the band not just performs flawless renditions of classic Beatles, but the off the cuff humor and cheeky banter will leave you with what is sure to be a very special performance.

Weather is looking to be perfect so get down to the Waterfront Parks Rhythm and Dunes concert sponsored by West Shore Bank. They are scheduled to take the stage at 7pm.

National Guard Orders Troop out of Manistee, Effective Immediately

photo courtesy of upnorthlive

Local residents and families are upset at the National Guards new orders. The National Guards Bravo Troop has just been given notice that they will be transferred from the Manistee Armory to the Grand Valley Armory in Kent County.

This came as a surprise to Bravo Troops 68 soldiers who have called Manistee their home for decades. Budget shortfalls are to blame as the troop is also down in numbers by about 22 solders. This is devastating news to the families who have been living and working in Manistee their whole career. Bravo Troop also plays a part in Tight lines for troops, blood drives, 5k runs, and they even open their gym for sports practices.

For now the future of the Armory is uncertain. It may go unused or they may bring in another unit. What is certain is that the order is effective immediately. The troop is training at Camp Grayling for the next few weeks, so they believe the move will begin once they return.

Wildfire Warnings Through The Weekend

Current weather conditions have the Michigan DNR releasing wildfire warnings.

Michigan sees an average of about 600 wildfires annually. Currently, strong winds, low humidity, dryness, and high heat have set the danger level at “high to very high” chances for fires statewide. This year has already seen an abnormally high number of wildfires according to the DNR; nearly 300 wildfires have already been recorded this year, while last year only about 150 had been recorded by this time.

The DNR is not allowing burn permits at this time, but campfires are still legal. If you are going to have a fire or grill-out, be sure all embers are COMPLETELY extinguished before left unattended. The DNR want to remind people that 9 out of 10 wildfires are humanly preventable. 

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