Rural fire authority lapse in funding

The rural fire authority millage expired at the end of 2015 and there is no millage that covers the 2016 calendar year.  Language in the previous authority vote assumed 2016 funds would be collected for disbursement in the 2017 calendar year.  WMOM obtained a sample ballot that covers the language in the gap for the proposed one year renewal.  If the levy is passed, it will raise over $750,000 so that rural areas of the county will have fire protection after December 31st, 2016.  If it’s voted down in the upcoming November 8th election, those areas will have to wait until January 1, 2018 for funding.

Areas protected by the rural fire authority:
Townships: City: 
Amber Scottville
Custer Villages:
Eden   Custer
Free Soil Fountain
Grant Free Soil


WMOM Sports Update 2016

WMOM is proud to announce our fifth year of Ludington Orioles sports coverage.  This football season our sports announcers will be Todd “Scoop” Hansen and Steve Miller.

Scoop’s familiar sidekick in the booth, Gary Castonia, will be on the “bench” due to his recently announced candidacy for mayor and FCC regulations that require equal air time be afforded to all candidates seeking the same elected position.   WMOM General Manager Esther Beninati said, “We appreciate Mr. Castonia’s dedication and commitment to our sports team and to the city of Ludington.  We will miss his quick wit and analysis of the Orioles.  At the same time, our station does not wish to appear biased toward any political candidate and will strictly observe tried and tested FCC rules and regulations”.

Steve Miller is a graduate of Ludington High School and has an extensive business background.  He has worked at WMOM since May of 2015 and was promoted to Sales Manager late last year.  Mr. Miller is a fan of all Michigan sports, especially the Ludington Orioles.  He said “I’m excited to fill in for Gary Castonia and to work alongside Todd Hansen”.  

WMOM intends to retain Mr. Castonia in the sports analyst position once the election is over in November.

The 2016 Ludington Orioles Varsity Football schedule is as follows:

Aug 26    v.  Hart High School

Sept 1    @  Farwell Area Schools

Sept 9     v.  Manistee High School

Sept 16  @  Catholic Central-Musk.

Sept 24  @  Muskegon Heights

Sept 30   v.  Orchard View HS

Oct 7       v.  Baldwin Community

Oct 14    @  Lakeview High School

Oct 21    @  Mason County Central HS

Interview times for Candidates Seeking Councilor-at-Large

Wmom will be interviewing all the Candidates for Councilor-at-Large for the August 2nd election all this week. At 8:30am everyday on 102.7 WMOM, you can hear the candidates respond to issues regarding the management and direction of Ludington. 

Tuesday July 25th - Brandy Henderson

Wednsesday July 26th- Wally Cain

Thrusday July 27th- Steve VonPfahl

Friday July 28th - David Buskirk

Another Joins the Race for Mayor in Ludington

The candidacy of Kaye Ferguson Holman as the new mayor is no longer a foregone conclusion.  Another candidate has emerged.  Cheri Stibitz-Rozell has thrown her hat in the ring.  MOM news has heard at least one other candidate will emerge before the Tuesday afternoon filing deadline.  Both names will automatically appear on the November 8th general election ballot.  The winner will serve the unexpired term of Ryan Cox, who resigned at the end of May.

City Councilor Kaye Holman Will Run for Mayor of Ludington

News from city hall this morning.  City councilor Kaye Ferguson Holman has filed a petition for the mayor’s election in November.

City Clerk Deb Luskin confirms that Holman is the only person that has taken out a petition.  The opening occurred when  the office that was left vacant by Mayor Ryan Cox who suddenly resigned in May.  Petitions must be filed for the mayor’s position must be filed by 4 p.m. on Tuesday, August 2nd.  Those who are running for a councilor seat can file, but must withdraw from the Mayor’s race on August 5th if they no longer want to be in the fall election.

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