Mason County Board of Commissioners Wrap

The Mason County Board of Commissioners held the monthly meeting Tuesday.  The meeting opened up with a lengthy public comment section in regards to two issues, the operations at the Mason County Fairgrounds and the sound testing at Lake Winds Energy Park.

Several residents that are not happy with the direction the Western Michigan Livestock Council has been regulated, allowing the Fair Board to be in their minds, manipulated.  Chairman Curtis VanderWall says they will due their homework before moving forward or taking any action to attempt to resolve the issue.

The second issue dealing with Lake Winds Energy Park and the mitigation of sound at the project.  The board approved a study to continue testing at the sight.

A public hearing was held on the Bowling Alley Block with residents expressing their concerns for more low-income housing to be brought to the downtown area.  City Manager John Shay was on hand to answer questions on the proposal that just over a week ago the Ludington City Council passed.

As the meeting progressed the Commission passed the approval of finance on the project.  Chairman VanderWall believes it will be a great addition to the downtown area.

Mason County Sheriff Kim Cole, Health Officer Kevin Hughes along with Mason County Drain Commissioner Jim Riffle gave annual reports that highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of the previous year in the various areas.

Ludington & Scottville Area Chamber Of Commerce Accepting Applications For Charity Funding For Gus Macker 2016


The Ludington & Scottville Area Chamber of Commerce is now accepting applications from charities who want to provide event volunteers and receive funding from proceeds accrued during from the 2016 Gus Macker 3-On-3 Charity Basketball tournament.

Completed applications are due in the Chamber of Commerce office by the close of business on Monday, April 25, 2016. Applications can either be downloaded from the Chamber of Commerce website,, or picked up at the Chamber office, 5300 W. US 10, Ludington, MI 49431.

The annual tournament is celebrating its 25th year in Ludington and is scheduled for June 18 and 19, 2016. The event will be held at Stearns Park with approximately 60 basketball courts set up to accommodate approximately 3,600 players, their families, and friends.

For more information contact the Chamber at 231.845.0324.

'Baby Kate' Murder Charge Affirmed ... Phillips Will Have Another Day In Court

‘Baby Kate’ never had a shot at life.  Someone murdered her and who that someone is, may now come to light.  Wednesday, the Michigan Supreme Court upheld a murder charge against, Sean Phillips.  Phillips is the father of the murdered infant.  ‘Baby Kate’ has yet to be found, making the case one that will soon garner more national attention.

With the affirmation of the murder charge, litigation can continue to slowly move forward to solve the mystery.

Sean Phillips is currently serving a 10-year prison sentence for Unlawful Imprisonment in ‘Baby Kate’s’ vanishing.

Michigan Presidential Primary Results

Michigan Presidential Primary Election Results

Democratic Party    Pct.     Delegates Won

Bernie Sanders          49.8%             65

Hillary Clinton           48.3%             58

Other                          1.9%

BERNIE SANDERS WINS MICHIGAN w/ 99% of precincts reporting

Republican Party     Pct.     Delegates Won

Donald Trump           36.5%             25

Ted Cruz                    24.9%             17

John Kasich               24.3%             17

Marco Rubio               9.3%               0

Other                          4.9%              

DONALD TRUMP WINS MICHIGAN w/ 99% of precincts reporting

Mason County Presidential Primary Election Breakdown

Democratic Party    Pct.

Bernie Sanders          57.7%

Hillary Clinton          40.6%

Other                          1.7%

BERNIE SANDERS TAKES MASON COUNTY w/ 100% of precincts reporting

Republican Party     Pct.

Donald Trump           35.6%

Ted Cruz                    30.8%

John Kasich                19.8%

Marco Rubio              9.1%

Other                          4.7%              

DONALD TRUMP TAKES MASON COUNTY w/ 100% of precincts reporting

Ludington City Council Wrap

Ludington City Council held a meeting Monday night at the Municipal Building.  Many issues on the agenda were addressed after the new public comment portion was explored.   There is now a three minute agenda specific public comment time at the opening of the meeting followed by a two minute public comment period at the close of the meeting.

The first large item on the agenda was discussion of the West End of Ludington Avenue.  The plan involves cement work and beautification of the area directly at the end of the Ludington Avenue.

Next up came the approval of the several agreements that deal with the ‘Bowling Alley Block’ and the possible construction of a new fire station on the former Lake Shore Lumber Site on Tinkham Avenue.  Along with a new fire station the old one would be demolished in one plan with the construction of commercial and residential rental properties to occupy the site.  The buildings would be four stories with commercial occupying the first floor and 60 units in two proposed buildings to be available to the elderly on the second through fourth floors and the other building would be low-income housing on the second through fourth floors.

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