Up to 5 inches of Snow in the Forecast for Saturday

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Here comes the snow. The first significant snowfall of the season is in store for parts of the Lower Peninsula throughout the weekend. In West Michigan, up to five inches of snow could fall by Saturday evening. It's nothing to compare to last year however, when Grand Rapids saw 31 inches of snow in November. That was a record.

DNR Says Check Your Deer

With the deer hunting season kicking off this week, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources is encouraging hunters in four Lower Peninsula counties to have their harvest checked for Chronic Wasting Disease.
It’s currently mandated that harvested deer be checked in a nine-township Core CWD Area in and around Lansing, where three deer were confirmed to have the disease earlier this year.
But Chad Stewart of the DNR says they’re also urging hunters in Eaton, Clinton, Ingham and Shiawassee counties to have their deer tested for CWD.
Eaton was recently added to the suggested testing area after preliminary tests on a deer killed in DeWitt indicated the one-and-a-half year-old buck had the illness.
Stewart says the DNR has also launched an education campaign in the Upper Peninsula, so hunters going into Wisconsin, which has been dealing with a CWD problem since 2001, know they are not supposed to bring entire deer carcasses back into the Michigan. He says the disease tends to stay in the brain and spine and the illness can be spread if the deer carcass is discarded in the environment. 
CWD is a neurological disease that causes erratic behavior in deer and elk and eventual death. It cannot be spread to people.

Future of the State Park Meeting Tonight @ Library

The Ludington State Park Planning Team will host a Public Open House  today from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the Ludington Public Library.  This meeting will give the public an opportunity to provide input on the draft General Management Plan.  

The General Management Plan planning team is composed of various specialists within the DNR.  The Planning Team typically includes the Park Manager, Regional Planner, District Supervisor, Stewardship Unit staff, and a Recreation Division Management Plan Administrator.  In addition, staff from all of the DNR Resource Division participates, including Law Enforcement, Wildlife, Fisheries, Forestry and Mineral’s Management.

More information on the General Management Planning process is available at the DNR’s Park Management Planning

Brass Knuckles Plea Agreement Rejected; Will Go To Trial

The Mason County Press is reporting a 23-year-old Ludington man accused of possessing brass knuckles will now be headed to trial in 51st Circuit Court.

Soloman-Jones appeared in court yesterday, with his attorney, David Glancy, who said a plea agreement offered to his client has been rejected.

Jonathan Sherrod Soloman-Jones, of Filer St., was arrested on August 24 by the Ludington Police Department for dangerous weapons (brass knuckles).

Then on Oct. 15 at 2:55 a.m. Soloman-Jones was dressed in all black clothing and was found by a Ludington police officer in an area of the city that has had a high incidence of break-ins.

Soloman-Jones attorney David Glancy argued  "There is no indication that Mr. Jones was committing any crimes or engaged in suspicious activity,”. Judge Susan K. Sniegowski granted the motion for the curfew, 7 p.m. to 6 a.m. but with the exception of when Soloman-Jones is working and or attending adult education classes.

Man Sentenced for September Mother Bear Killing

The man who shot a mother bear with her cubs back in September has been sentenced.

Derek Hassevoort pled guilty to the unlawful taking of a bear that was accompanied by her cubs.

He was sentenced to 5 days jail with $1,900 in fines. Hassevoort's hunting privileges are suspended immediately and for the next three years.

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