Boomerang-ing students back

Boomerang event

West Shore Community College welcomed students to a Boomerang event yesterday at the recreation center. Director of Buisness Opportunity Center and event coordinator Crystel Young said, "Boomerang is a career exploration fair. Most kids choose a career from the five people closest to them, and we have's some amazing things going on in Mason, Manistee, Lake, and Oceana Counties. Students can come and see so many options in regards to different businesses as well as different opportunities within those businesses. There's not necessarily a job now, but the idea is that students go away [to higher education] and then come back and have a better idea of what opportunities are available in our area."

2nd District Congressional Candidates speak at forum

Ludington Daily News and Ludington & Scottville chamber of commerce hosted a candidate forum last night at the ludington area Center for the arts. Dennis Murphy and Bill Huizenga are running for Michigan's 2nd District Congressional seat.  The forum opened with social security. Huizinga suggested changing the way social security is set up in order to ensure social security is a sustainable program. Murphy’s plan includes “leapfrogging” over to the wealthy and take a .1% surcharge to help social security.

In regards to Obamacare, Murphy wants to see tweaking to the affordable care act by changing enrollment period to closer to tax time, Huizenga stood by his previous votes to repeal and encouraged the audience to check out the GOP Healthcare plan at

Bill Huizenga admitted that budget cuts would not balance the national budget said that taxes would not need to be raised in order to address the national debt. Murphy said that taxes can be raised on some people, but not the middle class in order to address debt.

 On immigration, Huizenga said he supports a touchback visa, Murphy focused on getting people documented and then complete background checks.  

On foreign policy, both candidates agreed that Kurdish forces should be supported to address conflicts in Iraq and Syria. When identifying the largest foreign threat, Mr. Murphy identified Russia as a concern, Congressman Huizenga said Nuclear proliferation with Iran and North Korea.

The value of technical and mechanical skills were lauded by Congressman Huizenga as he spoke on the increasing costs related to college, saying “being a welder is honorable.” Mr. Murphy drew an emotional response from the crowd regarding the upcoming overtime rule after saying, “If you can’t find a better way to manage your workforce than making somebody work 60 hours a week for 25,000 a year, I think you’ve got a problem with your business model.”

Both candidates feel strongly regarding gun rights. Mr. Murphy told a personal story of how he used his second amendment right to protect himself and his family in the past.  The forum concluded with each candidate expressing thier love for West Michigan as they talked about what they would want Washington to understand about their congressional district. A complete video of the forum will be available on

Tree stand accident in Newaygo County

On Sunday it was reported that a man had fallen from a hunting tree stand and CPR was in progress. Michigan State Police, Hart post were dispatched to the scene in Ensley Township. Domingo Castro Jr, of Sand Lake, had been working on building a tree stand with friends and family when he lost his balance and fell from the top of the tree stand.  He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Fatal hunting accident in Grant township

Robert Jankowski failed to return to the hunting camp following the afternoon hunt on Saturday. Police were called to the scene on federal forest land in Grant Township in response. Jankowski was found by family members at the base of his tree stand. He had not been secured by a harness and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Survey for Child & Family Development Center released

little river bandbakercollege logo
The Little River Band of Ottawa Indians (LRBOI) and Baker College of Cadillac students are seeking community input for the Child & Family Development Center. The center is expected to open in January 2017 to families in the Manistee County region in the original casino building at the Little River Casino Resort. It will be open seven days a week from 6 a.m. to midnight to accommodate working families. It will have the capacity to provide care for 87 children, ages 0 to 12 years old. The center will have a playground and a greenhouse to grow food. A short
survey has been developed to engage the community in a conversation about the needs of families in the area. A link to the survey can be found here.

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