Vanderwall reflects on first day in office

Curt VanderWall spent his first day in office yesterday.  He outlined his priorities for this session of the state House of Representatives.

“Top priorities are of course going to be education, the trades, brings skilled trade back into our school systems. Giving some of our young people an opportunity to have  career and family sustaining job without going to a 5 year college.”

Vanderwall also stressed the importance of remaining connected to his District. “One thing we started immediately after the election, of making sure were were continuing the same trend of being in each county. And we will continue that trend right on through. I love the 101st and everybody that’s there. I’m just so thankful to be able to represent what I think is the prettiest district in the state.”

Board of Commissioners fill vacancy and approve farmland

The Mason County Board of Commissioners met Tuesday. The meeting began with the approval of the minutes for the meetings of December 13, December 28 and January 3rd. The board went onto fill a vacancy on the Mason County Planning Commission by Mr. Frank Redmond Jr.

Branch township gained more farmland with the approval of Jacob Zwagermans application for farmland. The meeting concluded with an update from Commissioner Knizacky regarding the solid waste management plan. All 20 townships and villages have voted to approve the plan, which will now go onto the Department of Environmental Quality for review and approval before the next steps can occur.

City Council Honors firefighter and reviews water plant changes

The Ludington City Council met last night. The Mayor began the meeting by appointing standing committees of, Finance, Personnel, Rules and Resolutions, Public Safety and Utilities, and Cemetary, Parks and Recreation. Kathy Wincheski expressed gratitude to the mayor for taking in account the counselors requests for committee. The Police Pension board was not finalized as Gary Castonia is the only person on the Police Pension board at this time. Kathy Wincheski said she will no longer be serving on the zoning board of appeals as Corey Ricket will be the liaison moving forward. Gary Castonia was elected the 2017 mayor pro tem.

The council went onto thank Gary Lange for the his years of dedicated service as a firefighter and congratulated him on his retirement from the Ludington Fire department. The Mayor honored Gary Lange by presenting him with a key to the city. Lange thanked his wife, saying, “I couldn't have done it without her.” He went onto speak praises for the men he served with on the Ludington Fire department.

LCC 010917LCC 010917 2

A change order for the water plant was reviewed. The change order included additions and deduction made to the contract to reflect work that has become apparent since work started, such as a roof replacement. This change lead to a net impact increase of $69,052 to be taken from the contingency fund. Deadline to complete the work has been extended to May 24th

The city council concluded the meeting with two proposals to clean restrooms located at James St, Waterfront, Rotary park, Loomis St, and Copeyon Park. TNT had the lower bid and was approved as the janitorial services for the bathrooms.

Suspicious Death in Manistee County

Saturday Morning Officers were called to  Hancock St. to investigate suspicious activity. Officers were greeted with a broken window at the entry door. They discovered 45 year old Gary Wayne Woodward deceased. Mr. Woodward was self-employed, operating a cab service. Blood was inside and outside of the apartment. There is no clear cause of death. An autopsy has been ordered. It will occur in either Kalamazoo or Grand Rapids sometime today. Until medical examination results are received, Detectives are investigating this death as a homicide.

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