Vanderwall calls for transparency

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Representative Vanderwall introduced the Legislative Open Records Act Wednesday. This bipartisan legislation calls to make the governor and lieutenant governor subject to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and creates similar disclosure requirement for state representatives and senators. Representative Vanderwall explained his inspiration for the bill, “I’ve been under this since I‘ve started being a county commissioner. I didn’t understand  when I came here that we aren’t that open to folks. I really do believe this is a great opportunity to open up to our communities and let our constituents know that we are really doing a job for them and we are not afraid of what we do.”  The bill package does make accommodations for some records, such as letters to and from people in the district, human resources files, and ongoing legislative investigations or lawsuits.

Pediatrics office expands hours

Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital Pediatrics office is now open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Teresa Kovas, MD, one of three physicians in the practice, said “We hope this will be particularly useful for those whose work and school schedules make it difficult to make appointments during typical business hours” Kovas Teresa MD 4638cr 600

Michigan State Police request feedback

Michigan state Last Year Governor Snyder directed feedback on public trust in law enforcement across the state. The Michigan Commission on Law enforcement standards is administering a survey to allow community feedback regarding satisfaction and trust of police officers within all communities throughout the state. A link to the survey can be found here.

Last day for Mason County Recreation survey

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Today is the last date to participate in the survey regarding the Mason County recreation plan. Spicer Group is assisting in the Mason County recreation plan update process. They want to hear from residents and people who want to make a difference in Mason County recreation opportunities. Feedback is requested regarding the accessibility of the Big Sable River, the possibility of building bike trails to connect to other local trails, how to increase accessibility for people with disabilities, and what facilities and amenities should be added to Mason County Parks and recreation. The deadline to complete the survey is today and can be found online at

Jaycees celebrate 2016

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The Ludington Area Jaycees held their year end banquet on Friday.   2016 President, Kandi Fugere presented Jaycees with awards of achievement for 2016. A complete list of those awarded can be found on our website. The 2016 Michigan Jaycees President Steve Pickelman was in attendance and surprised Fugere by awarding her with a Presidential Medallion. The Medallion is the highest honor that can be presented to a  Jaycee and each year, the state president is only allotted 50 to award.


Junior Jaycee of the Year: Hartley Alvesteffer

JayTeen of the Year: Kadin Fugere

New Jaycee of the Year: Dave Kosla Board

Member of the Year: Lexi Alvesteffer Chairperson of the Year: Lexi Alvesteffer

Supporting Business of the Year: Spuller Concret Specialists

Jaycee of the Year: Eric Lund Special

Presidential Recognition: Kim Johnson and Heather Catron

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