Senate Approves Minimum Wage Hike

The Michigan Senate approves a minimum wage bill. The bill which was introduced last week, was voted on yesterday, and will raise the state's current minimum wage to $9.20 per hour by 2017. The law also included raising the hourly rate of tipped employees from $2.65 to $3.50 an hour. The first wage increase will be in September to $8.15. The bill is now on its way to the House for approval.

Badger Sailing Today

This morning the SS Badger set sail for its first voyage of the sailing season. WMOM reported live from the dockside of the Badger. MOM News spoke with Captain Jeffrey Curtiss, who's in his first year as a senior captain, before departure. 

MOM News also spoke with Terri Brown, Marketing and Media Relations of the Lake Michigan Carferry, and she let passengers know what they can expect today... and the rest of the season, such as new food and entertainment.

Longtime residents of Ludington may have heard a familiar sound, this morning, when owner of Lazy J Ranch, Cliff Ulfers, sounded off the City of Midland's horn. The horn was on loan from LMC and whistled back and forth with the Badger as it sailed out of the harbor.

The ship will be back in Ludington around 7 tonight.

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