Grant Winners from Love Ludington

The Love Ludington mini grant contest has announced its $500 winners.  

The public has voted for "Dog Friendly Projects by Mason County Mutts" and "Rain Activated Art in Downtown Ludington".

Dog friendly projects would put bowls, leash tie-ups, and bag stations in downtown Ludington.

The rain activated art would be applied to sidewalks as fun sayings or phrases that would appear when wet.

In true Ludington fashion, the ideas didn't stop there. Local donors have stepped up with offers to fund $500 to these following projects as well.

Mason County Eastern Outdoor Classroom - Putting a good use to their currently unused courtyard.

Occupy James Street - To beautify James Street for our visitors.

Workshop Wednesdays at the Ludington Area Center for the Arts. - For Kids to explore their artistic talents.

For more contribution goodness visit the Love Ludington Facebook page and help make positive things happen in Mason County!


Second Earthquake in Two Months Hits Michigan

Yesterday a 3.3 magnitude earthquake gently rocked Union City, Michigan just 13 miles southeast of Battlecreek. No damage was reported. The second earthquake in Michigan within two months, had residents feeling the shifting as far south as northern Indiana and as far north as Holland.

Due to Michigans relatively low seismic activity, experts are puzzled that Tuesdays earthquake was not on the same fault line as the May 4th quake. The speculation is that the two earthquakes ARE related as stored energy in the earths crust; as one moves it puts pressure on the other.

Not much is known about how seismic activity is being started in Michigan, but if the quake trend continues we can expect to have more resources studying our tectonic movement.

Evan Jensen MISSING After Electric Forest Festival

A 21 year-old man is missing after the Electric Forest festival in Rothbury this past weekend. Evan Jensen was last seen around 5:00 A.M. Monday morning but has since disappeared. He and his friends had planned to leave the festival around 6:30 A.M. that morning to drive home to South Dakota. When he didn’t show up, they started to call; when he didn’t answer, they started to worry.

There has been one reported death at the festival each of the last three years.

Jensen’s friends are in possession of his backpacks, clothing, and belongings. They report that Jensen has nothing but the clothes on his back and whatever was in his pockets when he went missing. Police currently consider him a "voluntarily missing adult," so no formal search is underway. 

Evan is 5' 9, weights 125 pounds, has thin blonde hair and green eyes. If you have any information regarding Evan or his location, please contact the State Police at (231) 873-2171. 

UPDATE: Hart Police Troopers have recieved credible intel that Jensen was seen at local businesses Tuesday during the day completely unrestrained. This information furthers the belief that he is missing by his own will. 

Warning and Watching of Fireworks

The US Forest Service Department of Agriculture is reminding the public that neither fireworks, nor any pyrotechnic device, may be discharged anywhere within national forests, regardless of weather conditions or holidays. Fireworks regulations are strictly enforced, with each violation punishable as a misdemeanor with a fine up to $5,000 and/or imprisonment of up to six months.

Fireworks are also not allowed on any type of public property, including streets, sidewalks and city or school parking lots. Public fireworks displays will be split among the local cities. No displays are scheduled for Sunday the 5th of July.

Local Fireworks Displays will be at dusk at the following dates and locations.

July 2-- Hart

July 3-- Pentwater

July 3-- Hamlin Lake

July 4-- Manistee

July 4-- Ludington

July 4-- Silver Lake Sand Dunes

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