DEQ holds public hearing on Sargent Sands permit

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Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Sands of our Sargent. Chairs had to be pulling into the community room last night to accommodate those in attendance at the Sargent Sands Public Hearing on their permit renewal. Attendees were provided a packet of frequently asked questions from Sargent Sands. There was a general consensus that Sargent Sands has worked hard to be a good neighbor to locals and the community.  Some going as far as saying that there is little evidence that Sargent Sands will not be good stewards of the land in the future. Multiple citizens requested an updated environmental impact study that would be done by a 3rd party. Others expressed concern regarding the renewability of sand and the environmental impact on natural ecosystems. Noise was brought up multiple times, some by those who say they can hear the mining operation, and others who say they cannot. Still others focused on the impact of the truck traffic on noise pollution as well as concern regarding pedestrian traffic being hurt by a vehicle. Brian Brink, owner of Brink Farms, expressed support for Sargent Sands, explaining that 15-20 families are supported through his trucking business due to the company. He also stressed that they review GPS data to ensure his truckers are not speeding and that an inspection of the sealed trailers are required before leaving the site. Supervisor for permitting and technical services section for the Department of Environmental Quality office of Oil, Gas and Minerals, Adam Wygant said,

"I was pleased that everyone had a space to make their comments. We heard some pro mining type comments as well as comments that requested denial of the permit and exactly why. Every time we've engaged this community, they've been very gracious and it's been very civil. I think that the department got what they wanted to get out and what the citizens asked for."

Due to the amount of citizen responses, it is not expected to have the renewal approved before the end of the year. Additional public comments can be emailed to OThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and will remain open until Friday, December 16th. IMG 5799IMG 5803


Pictures capture the spirit of Ludington in 2017 Calendar

Jim Bowman untitled 5

The City of Ludington will be printing its 3rd annual calendar for residents. Each year the City has held a photo contest where photographers can submit their works for inclusion in the calendar. The  winning cover photo for the 2017 calendar is by Jim Bowman. It depicts a sailboat in the Ludington Harbor on the Crystal Blue waters of Lake Michigan. Community Development Director Heather Tykoski said “Not only is this calendar a useful tool for our residents with helpful hints, meeting times, and important information, it is also a way to highlight the beauty of our area and showcase the work of some talented photographers who capture this beauty”The City of Ludington thanks all of the submissions for their excellent contributions. The submitted photos will be displayed throughout the calendar. Calendars will be delivered to ludington residents via the US Post Office in January. An online version will also be made available at that time.


Theft from David Allen Racing

Troopers from the Michigan State Police are investigating the theft of a side by side ORV from David Allen Racing.   The vehicle was stolen from the business around the beginning of November.   The vehicle is a Polaris Razor, 2 seat vehicle, mostly black with red and white plastic components. The vehicle was equipped with high end accessories. Anyone with information about the theft or location of this vehicle please call the Hart Post at (231) 873-2171. Stolen ORV

A sentencing in the Baby Kate Murder case.

Sean Phillips was sentenced this morning to19-45 years in prison for the second degree murder charge of his daughter Katherine "Baby Kate" Phillips. Phillips will get some credit for time served. The courtroom was packed  and the hearing started 20 minutes late. There were at least 8 news cameras, WMOM represented radio news reporting, a ½ dozen uniformed officers and 2 security guards to escort Sean to and from the courtroom. Prosecutor Donna Penderguest said Phillips created psychological injury on the community and requested 40-75 years.  Defence attorney David Glancey asked the sentence to be reduced to 15-20 years. Sean Phillips has remained silent since he was 1st arrested 5 years ago for the disappearance of his daughter “Baby Kate” Phillips. He was given the opportunity to speak but said “Not at this time your honor.” In the end, Judge Peter Wadel split the difference at 19-45 years. He said he could not see Phillips as an evil person but he was very immature at the time and not ready for a family. Phillips has 42 days to appeal the case.

First Snow Flies

First Snow 2016

The first snowfall of the year hit the lakeshore yesterday. Road conditions are ideal for creating dangerous black ice under a layer of snow. A semi went in a ditch Thursday night around U.S. 31 and Johnson Road. More lake-effect snow is expected. Drivers are encouraged to completely clean off vehicles to prevent snow slide off, be aware of parking restrictions and to drive slow in these slippery conditions.

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