West Shore Board of trustees confirm MSU Extension move

The West Shore Community College Board of Trustees met last night. The Trustees heard from Sherri Wehrmeister, class of ‘83 about the impact of West Shore had on her success.


They also heard about the ways that the Early Childhood Education and Nursing Programs are expanding on West Shore Campus. Student senate reported on the increase in student activities, credited in part due to the increase in funding that was provided to student senate.

During public comment Michael Krauch spoke about moving the MSU extension office into a suite on the first floor of the recreation center. Krauch said MSU Extension has already seen benefit in collaborating with WSCC. He highlighted the benefit for kids participating in 4-H, allowing kids come see what Krauch said hopefully, will become a part of their future. Michael Krauch reaffirmed MSU Extension's commitment to serving City of Scottville residents as well as all Mason County residents. During the vote, President Urban stressed that the MSU Extension offices approached the college for the space. The board voted unanimously to welcome MSU Extension into the recreation center.

Winter enrollment numbers were presented to the Board, finding that enrollment numbers are up but credit hours are down.

WSCC enrollment

There have been in increase in referrals from Michigan Works, citing an increase in funding that lead to additional referrals. There continues to be an increase in online course enrollment.

As part of the 50th Anniversary, 9 names were added to the Mentors Society in recognition of people for their leadership in the founding and development of the College. New inductees included Sharon Bluhm, Senator Darwin Booher,   Ruth Gustafson, Chrissie Hall,  David Hall, James Pinkerton, Jack Rasmussen, Shirley Rasmussen and  Gerald Svendor. The College has also honored businesses, organizations, and foundations by adding Paine Family Foundation, Delta Foundation, and West Shore Bank to the newly formed Cornerstone Society.

The meeting concluded with the renewal of audit services by Rehmann Robson.

WSCC Board of Trustees to vote on MSU move


The West Shore Community College Board of trustees are meeting today at 4pm at the Administrative and Conferences building. The 50th anniversary spotlight will include discussion of the time capsule and a presentation from a 1983 alumni.


The Board of Trustees also intend to honor individuals by adding them to the Mentors Society and Cornerstone society. The Mentors Society was created on West Shores 20th anniversary with the intent to create public recognition of special people for their leadership in the founding and development of the College. As part of the 50th Anniversary, 9 more names will be added to the Mentors Society. The College has also created a new award called the Cornerstone Society. While the Mentors Society honors individuals, the Cornerstone Society honors businesses, organizations, and foundations that have provided financial resources to move the College forward.

The Trustees will conclude the meeting by discussing and voting upon the lease agreement to have the MSU Extension offices move from the State Theatre in Scottville to a space in the recreation center on the West Shore Campus.

Parking fee discussed as a way to increase city income


The City Council's Parks Committee has been discussing charging for parking at Stearns Park Beach for non-city of Ludington residents. According to Brandy Henderson, Councilor at Large, funds raised from the charge would be used to address future projected budget imbalances. Currently, A kiosk system is being entertained as a form of collecting parking fees. Public opinion has been strong, with 319 responses to Brandy Henderson's request for feedback regarding  the proposal from her facebook page.Henderson says that this proposal not something intended to be implemented in 2017 or even brought to council for consideration at this point. Feedback is still welcome.

County Seeks Airport manager

With the retirement of Dave Johnson at the end of April, the Mason County Administrator is welcoming applications for the position of Airport manager. Administrator Knizacky will be working with the Airport Committee during the interview process. Duties include ensuring security and operating rules, supervising airfield activities, preparing the annual budget as well a a host of additional responsibilities to ensure the Mason County Airport runs smoothly. The Mason County Board of Commissioners are hoping to have the position filled by March.

Neighbor meets neighbor


An informational meeting regarding the renovation of several homes in Ludington’s 4th ward were discussed last night. Habitat for Humanity and Pennies from Heaven are partnering to provide assistance and coordination to not only give the neighborhood a mini make-over, but also to build community spirit and pride. 2-3 homes will be chosen to be revitalized through the program with the assistance of volunteers over the course of 3 days.

MOM News spoke to Monica Schuyler, Executive Director of the Pennies from Heaven Foundation about how she felt the night went, “People are often shy to talk about housing situations, so it’s interesting to see how many come up after to talk about it. But I think it was good. We had a good turn out and it was really about getting the information out there and getting people excited to know what's coming to their area.” A complete list of qualifications and how you can help the Neighbor to Neighbor Program can be found online

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