Huizenga continues fight for small buisness

Thursday Morning, Congressman Bill Huizenga (MI-02) spoke on the House floor in support of H.R. 1219, the Supporting America’s Innovators Act of 2017. This legislation would allow small businesses and startups more flexibility in raising capital so they can continue to grow and hire more employees. The JOBS Act, passed in 2012, allows smaller companies to increase their income by increasing the amount of investors a company has, however a cap remained on the amount of groups of investors a small business may have, stifling possible small business growth in today's crowdfunding society.

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Representative Bill Huizenga explained what the bill would do. "H.R. 1219, the Supporting America’s Innovators Act, a bipartisan bill introduced by Reps. Patrick McHenry and Nydia Velazquez, would amend the cap currently contained in the Investment Company Act to allow 250 investors for a “qualified venture capital fund” and therefore enhance angel investors’ ability to provide important funding to small businesses." A Harvard report by William R. Kerr, Josh Lerner, and Antoinette Schoar provides evidence that angel-funded startups are more likely to succeed than companies that rely on other forms of initial financing. H.R. 1219 passed with a vote of 417-3.

14th Annual ‘Big Weekend’ at KOA Raises Funds for Children’s Camps

The Ludington East/Pere Marquette River KOA campground is offering campers a Saturday of camping for $10 to benefit KOA Care Camps for children with cancer.


The Care Camps Big Weekend event will be held Friday, May 12 and Saturday, May 13. Campers who stay as paying guests on Friday, May 12 will receive another night of camping on Saturday, May 13 for just $10. The entire $10 fee will be given to KOA Care Camps, a network of 112 independent oncology summer camps for children battling cancer. Care Camps provide a  summer camp experience for children with cancer and their siblings.

Departments face off on the ice

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The Smoke Eaters will face down the Law dogs in their 4th annual hockey game this weekend. Benefits from this years hockey game will go to the Mason county Fire relief fund and Riverton Chief Joe Cooper who was diagnosed with multiple myeloma earlier this year. The puck drops on Saturday April 8th at 6 p.m. at the West Shore Ice Arena.

Ludington City Council looks back and forward at goal planning meeting


The Ludington City Council held a special meeting yesterday. Goals from the last meeting, which occurred in 2014, included developing a special events policy for 2015, public infrastructure funding,  rental inspections, and assessing city walkability regarding motorized, non-motorized trails and sidewalks. Infrastructure and walkability were identified as goals that were still in progress. City council members and department heads went onto discuss the progress of their work and how to increase city revenue. Communication with the public was a concern brought up frequently; a newsletter was suggested to inform the public of ongoing city council matters. Some members cited concern at the current projects slated, suggesting rolling back plans for the west end project. Maintenance costs were also brought up as an expense, with council members concerns about not only upcoming projects, but also with existing structures such as roads or bathrooms. Police Chief Barnett and City Manager John Shay explained that the largest expense is personnel costs in the form of wages and benefits for city workers such as police officers and DPW workers, many of which already took a pension cut in the last year.


John Shay further explained ideas brought up at the December 2016 meeting to increase revenue, including the highly debated possible beach parking fees. He clarified that this was no proposal, but rather an idea that was being research by the council. He also explained what other cities have done to implement parking fees, including implementing the fee only on a seasonal basis from Memorial day to Labor day and only from 10:00a.m. until 6:00p.m. Councillor Winczewski  then moved to review the current ideas for goals and come back together to formally set which four the council would like to focus on during the year.

Then, the meeting was opened to public comment. Although many were expecting to hear about beach parking, it was maintenance costs and water bottles that arose as a theme. Diane Sealoff, a 4th ward resident, focused on the ongoing water costs that will be incurred by the new Splash Pad to be built at Copeyon Park, which by her calculations would reach into the millions. Others focused on the lack of good paying jobs in the area, talking about how many are struggling in their minimum wage jobs with the increasing costs of living. The council was encouraged to focus on bringing good business into Ludington in order to encourage economic growth. A final suggestion to the council was to think bigger, suggesting that they sell the idea of a millage to the public in order to properly support all city departments.

Ludington City Council special meeting tonight

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The Ludington City council will be holding a special planning meeting to discuss the progress of past city plans and what the council hopes to accomplish in the upcoming few years. Items of discussion will include keeping the beach fiscally sustainable through possible fees, and other projects and proposals. City Council members and department heads will be in attendance at tonights meeting to hear public feedback. The special city council meeting will occur tonight in the basement conference room in City Hall at 5:00pm.

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