Mason County Board of Commissioners 11.22.16

 Court House

The Mason County Board of Commissioners met last night. Spence Riggs from The Mason County Growth Alliance provided their annual report. The Growth Alliance said they are  encouraging talent to make Mason County their home by focusing on improving access to a qualified workforce, improving workforce and economic data and developing strategies for retainment. The board of commissioners approved Prosecuting attorney Paul Spaniola’s request to hire a replacement for training before the departure of his retiring clerk. With the closing of the public comment period on October 27th, the Solid Waste Management Plan was approved to be sent to various municipalities within the county for approval. A bond of $3000 was approved for Syncwave LLC to remove their aging transmitting tower.The board approved using the Airport improvement fund to purchase land, complying with federal aviation easement requirements. The meeting concluded with updating the salary and wage schedule for county employees to comply with the Fair Labor Standards Act.  

WSCC Board of Trustees meet 11.21.16

West Shore CC

The WSCC Board of trustees met last night. Mary K. Becker-Witt with Manistee Intermediate School district, expressed the challenges and successes through working with West Shore Community College over the years. President Kenneth Urban described Manistee County students as persistent, with 72% of the counties students continuing onto earn their bachelor's degree. Professor of humanities, John Wolf provided a reading from his new book, “A Driftwood Shrine” a collection of zen teachings based upon the poems of great american writers. A review of the June 2016 financial audits revealed a reclassification, resulting in a reduction of $5000. A motion to accept the audit was approved. The meeting concluded with the approval to renew  the Administrative Services Contract with Blue Cross/Blue Shield through December 31, 2017.

WSCC Trustees to meet in Manistee tonight

The West Shore Community College board of trustees will meet at the Manistee Intermediate School District tonight at 5:00pm. The agenda includes WSCC’s 50th anniversary monthly spotlight, highlighting the Manistee Intermediate School District and how the college serves Manistee County. Also, the approval of the college’s Blue Cross/Blue Shield administrative services contract will be recommended for the board to renew.

Homeless Awareness Week concludes

OHP Logo

Oceana’s Home Partnership recognizes Homeless Awareness Week. Oceana’s Home Partnerships Executive Director Kittie Tuinstra said “We had 596 individuals who were homeless in Oceana County, what that actually means is folks that are experiencing homelessness are living in places not meant for human habitation. They are sleeping in cars or tents or campers or abandoned buildings or just outside. [This number doesn't include] people that are doubled up or living with a family member. Of the 596, 266 were children." Tuinstra explained that Homelessness doesn't always fit the stereotype of the bag lady or the panhandler. "Its looks like a single mom with children. It looks like a single dad with children. It looks like a couple that had some unfortunate circumstances happen where they lost their housing. We need to recognize that just because we don’t see homelessness in the way that we expect, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist.” For more information, Oceana’s Home Partnership can be reached at (231) 873-2222 or online at

COVE celebrates successes with annual holiday party

COVE logo

COVE’s annual holiday party and silent auction occurred Thursday. Sponsors provided a variety of items for attendees to bid upon. The live auction created excitement throughout the crowd as many items were sold for higher than the listed value. COVE’s Executive Direct Tracey Wilson introduced the new installation of the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners Unit. The goal of the unit is to provide safe private treatment that coordinates health care with counseling services, forensic collection, law enforcement and prosecution.  

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