Spring showers bring lightning storms

As the weather changes, lighting will make a more common appearance. Being hit by lighting can cause serious injury or death. Last year, there were 2 deaths in Michigan due to lighting strike, one occurring in Manistee.


According to the National Weather Service, there is no safe place outside in a lighting storm. When you hear thunder, take cover and stay in safe shelter at least 30 minutes after you hear the last sound of thunder.

Baldwin Man arraigned on drug charges

Jayland Meeks

On Thursday April 27, Jayland Bernard Meeks, 21, of Baldwin was arraigned in the Lake County Trial Court on a four count felony warrant. Meeks was arraigned on three counts of Delivery of Cocaine and one count of Delivery of Heroin. The delivery charges are felonies punishable by up to 20 years in prison and/or a $25,000.00 fine. Meeks was the subject of an investigation that started in the fall of 2016. As a result of the investigation conducted by SSCENT detectives, a trooper from the Michigan State Police Hart post located and arrested Meeks on April 26th and lodged him in the Lake County Jail. Meeks posted a bond of $6,000.00 and has been released. SSCENT is a multi-jurisdictional task force that serves Manistee, Mason, Oceana, and Lake Counties. If you have information about drug activity in your area, please contact SSCENT at (231) 843-7045 or your local police department.

Spectrum Volunteers donate more than time

 In 2014,The volunteers of Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital set the goal to raise $150,000 over five years to help the hospital update its Family Birthing Center. During Volunteer appreciation week, Janet Baxter, volunteer board president, presented a check for $50,000 to the hospital and its foundation, making the total raised $75,000 and marking the halfway point of their goal. Accepting the donation were Helen Johnson, chief nursing officer, and Kaley Petersen, foundation and community services director.

DonationSpectrum 042717

Petersen expressed her appreciation, saying, “The volunteers have a long history of philanthropy but to date this $150,000 pledge is their largest and most ambitious pledge. We are so grateful for their time, talent and dedication to Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital.” The hospital volunteer organization currently numbers 104 members. They work in  nearly all departments of the hospital, some helping with patients and others assisting in a variety of day-to-day functions. They raise money for patient-related projects through the hospital gift shop, vendor sales, popcorn sales, and special events.

New Vanderwall legislation works on registration and hunting liscenses


Representative Curt Vanderwall introduced two types of legislation this week. The first was regarding License plate registration. “We’re getting more into the computer age in society.” Said Vanderwall, “[People] are renewing their license tabs via the internet. When they do that, if they request them a day before or are renewing them a day before they are due, they are not going to have those tabs mailed in time to have them on their vehicle.” The license plate tab bill would provide a 30-day grace period for motorists who have renewed their tabs but have yet to receive them.  

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Representative Vanderwall also introduced legislation making hunting more tempting for out-of state hunters.

“What we’re trying to do is basically grow the Michigan outdoors with making it a little bit more accessible for people that live out of state, and a little more reasonable on the price. Hopefully, they’ll come up and spend a weekend, enjoy the outdoors, find out that ‘You know next year, I’m going to buy a full season license instead of just one weekend license’” The hunting bill would create a three-day version of the seven-day out-of-state small game license at half the cost.

Vanderwall also created a hunting  bill to allow out-of-state hunters owning land in Michigan to hunt on their own property with a base license of half the cost of the non-resident license. “I had somebody come to me and say, ‘you know what, I own a bunch of property and I’m paying some pretty high taxes here in the state. Is there a way that if we own a pretty sizable piece of property that we can get a discount on our hunting license?’ and I feel that is a legitimate request.” said Representative Vanderwall

Spending by hunters in Michigan totals around $2.5 billion annually.

Macker Accepting Teams

The 2017 Ludington Gus Macker 3-on-3 Charity Basketball Tournament is accepting teams, Gus Busters and volunteers for this year’s tournament. The tournament is scheduled for Saturday, June 17 and Sunday, June 18 at Stearns Outer Drive and Lakeshore Drive in Ludington, Michigan.

gus macker

The Ludington Gus Macker is celebrating its 26th anniversary this year. The Ludington Macker will once again be lined with courts for 900 teams playing 3-on-3 basketball with the picturesque view of Lake Michigan as the backdrop.Online registration will be open until May 29th.  Every team must have four players.  to register go to Anyone interested in being a Gus Buster or volunteer is asked to call Kathy Fisher at #231-845-7018

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