Contaminated candy in Manistee

The Manistee Police Department was contacted regarding a possible contaminated candy. A bite sized Reese’s peanut butter cup candy was turned over to the Police Department.

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This candy was reportedly gathered by a child trick or treating on Halloween. On top of the candy was a noticeable green particulate substance. The parent believes the candy was received while trick-or-treating in the area of 2nd to 4th street west of U.S. 31. The Police Department encourages everyone to carefully inspect all candy for damaged packaging or suspicious substances. The candy will be forwarded to the Michigan State Police Crime lab for testing purposes. Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Manistee Police Department at 231-723-2533

Windmill experiences Maintenance


 Windmill Turbine number 30, located on Morton Road is experiencing some maintenance. Regular inspections earlier this year identified maintenance required on the blade bearings. Windmill blades have been removed in order to replace the required bearings. Consumers Energy expect the maintenance to be completed by the end of the week as long as weather continues to cooperate.

Determining the Downtown look

Pennies from Heaven Foundation would like input on the facade for the new Ludington downtown workforce housing development, where the old bowling alley block was located. You can select your favorite on the Pennies Foundation Facebook page, or find the link on our Facebook page at wmom fm radio. The poll closes January 1st. Options inlcude:


College seeks to go tobacco free

In partnership with the WSCC Student Senate, WSCC has applied for a grant to implement a tobacco-free college program on the campus. On Wed., Nov. 15, at 11 a.m., the college will host a conversation, “A Breath of Fresh Air,” about the benefits of a tobacco free campus and local quit tobacco resources in the Schoenherr Campus Center.

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 Speakers will be Kate Donaldson of the Truth Initiative and Erin Barrett, a public health educator of the District Health Department #10. Nearly 1,500 higher education institutions in the United States have gone smoke- or tobacco-free, including about 350 community colleges. Currently, the college does not allow smoking within 50 feet of a building entrance. “The grant from the Truth Initiative will set the Student Senate up for success” said Interim President Scott Ward. “We are all supporting this student driven initiative to bring better health and a breath of fresh air to the campus.”

Attempted Murder over the weekend

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Sunday morning, a Ludington woman went to the Sheriff’s Office to report that her ex-husband had allegedly broke into her house on Sugargrove Rd. at approximately 5:00 AM.  She was awakened to her ex-husband reportedly sitting on to top a male friend of hers in her bedroom choking him to the point the male victim could not speak.  The suspect fled the house when she screamed.  The suspect, a 27 year-old Fountain man, was located later in the day and arrested.  The male victim, a 22 year-old man from Ludington did not seek medical treatment.

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