Alliance expands to Wexford and Benzie

The Alliance for Economic Success (AES) is expanding. At the request of Wexford business leaders and the Benzie County Board of Commissioners, the AES is now expanding its geographical service area. This change will help meet the needs of new partners by providing individuals to its pool of professionals who address the identified priorities of the areas AES serves. To support this initiative, the board will be conducting a search for an executive director who will work with governmental and private entities to create economic and community development within the region. As AES focuses on the future of the organization itself, its primary priority is to serve the economic and community development needs of Wexford, Benzie, and Manistee Counties. "Making great things happen doesn't just occur by one individual or organization, but rather in partnership”, said Tamara Buswinka of Latitude 44 Consulting LLC, a local community and economic development company. “We all play a role in implementing a successful project, and AES is a strong partner in their part of the process."

City Council discusses traffic and zoning

The Ludington City Council met last night. The Council approved a request to ban parking on the east side of S. Lakeshore Drive from South Loomis to the cul-de-sac in front of the Maritime Museum. This is in order to prevent parkers from blocking traffic in front of the museum.

MSU extension introduced foreign exchange students from Japan and Korea who are visiting the area for a month with the LABO program, designed to allow students practice english language skills in an english speaking country.

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A public hearing was set for August 28th for the issue of sidewalk replacement on 611 Melendy. The council attempted to contact the homeowner to offer participation in a 50/50 deal, but lack of response has left the council with the option to begin the special assessment process to charge the homeowner 75% of the cost of repairs.

Lane reductions was a large topic of discussion, with several community members expressing disapproval during public comment. The council provided clarification that at this point data is just being collected in order to determine the safest option for our roads. Also clarifying that current lanes stand at 10 feet, smaller than current the 12 feet requirements.

A public hearing was set for August 28th regarding the certificate application for KLS Properties on 424 S James St. The property owner hopes to build a mixed use building with 8 apartments above and storefronts on the first floor. The owner is considering buying a portion of sweetwater property, which caused some confusion for zoning, leaving resolutions approved, but contingent upon steps forward.

Counselor Rathsack was the lone no vote for two events, the Ludington triathlon, to take place Aug 20th, and the Coast to Coast gravel grinder bike race for May 12 of next year. Rathsack cited a desire for more benefit to the city for these events, mentioning the good work of Gus Macker for the community as an example.

The installation of 3 Live Ludington boards has been postponed due to lack of needed materials to put up the boards this year. The council agreed to install the boards in spring of 2018.

The meeting concluded with a reminder that household hazardous waste day is Saturday August 19th. Unused, unwanted, outdated, household cleaners, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, electronics, batteries, and more can be dropped off at the local road commission for disposal.

Ludington City Council to discuss parking and sidewalks

The Ludington City Council is meeting tonight at 6:30 at the municipal building. The Council will review an order from City police Chief Mark Barnett to ban parking on the east side of S. lakeshore drive from south loomis to the cul-de-sac in front of the maritime museum. This is in order to prevent parkers from blocking traffic in front of the museum. Sidewalks are attempting to be repaired on melody street.


Attempts to contact homeowners at 611 E melendy have gone unresponded to- leaving the city with the option to charge the property owners at 75% of the cost to repair the sidewalks. There will be a public hearing set for August 28th regarding this matter during tonight's meeting. A public hearing will also be set regarding the certificate application for KLS Properties on 424 S James st. The application will be to put up a new apartment complex.

The Council is also expected to adopt a resolution to approve the development project agreement for the west end of Ludington. The meeting will conclude with a resignation and appointment to the planning commission as well as a resignation from the zoning board of appeals and an appointment to the Michigan works board.

Members celebrated for history

A Member Day event will be held Friday, Aug. 25th, at Historic White Pine Village and Port of Ludington Museum. The Historic White Pine Village and the Port of Ludington Maritime Museum will be open for self-guided tours from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. that day. White Pine Village will feature music from "Suzanne and Jim", a folk music duo.  Per their membership level, Members will be admitted free of charge and get a free lunch. The Port of Ludington Maritime Museum will also host a Member Day, but lunch will  not be served. Member days will also occur on September 22nd and October 20th.

Onekama to add launch on portage lake

Onekama Township received a $75,900  grant from the Michigan Natural Resources Land Trust Fund.  The grant will be used to develop a kayak and canoe launch on Portage Lake at an access site owned by the Michigan Dept. of Natural Resources (MDNR).   The Portage Lake Association and Portage Lake Watershed Forever are providing $5,000 each towards the total project cost of $101,200.  

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 According to township supervisor David Meister, the launch will provide universal access to Portage Lake’s fishery resource as well as Lake Michigan.  The Township and MDNR have entered into an agreement where the Township will bear responsibility for maintenance and installation of the kayak and canoe site, with the DNR continuing responsibility for the boat launch, parking area and restrooms.   The project also includes paved accessible parking sites and a walkway that connects the parking area with the kayak/canoe launch and restrooms.  The launch will be installed either this fall or next spring under the guidance of Taylor and the Spicer Group

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