Ludington Shows equality

More than two hundred people showed up to Rotary park on Sunday to show support for members of the LGBTQ community.

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Renee Snodgrass, coordinator for the rally said, I was really excited about how many older people came. You know, you think that this is a young person's movement but it's not. I just met a couple who lived in Ludington for 45 years and they never thought they'd see something like this so it's really brought so many people together”

Love Ludington proves angelic

Angel Panorama1 by Sue Brown

Ludington is officially in the Guinness World Record books for the most sand angels created simultaneously, blowing away the previous record of 362 with a sand angel count of 1387. 27 people were deducted from the total number due to guinness regulations. The event served as a fundraiser for Spectrum health's Community Foundation to build an account to help cancer patients and their family pay for additional expenses.

world record 2017

Before the announcement, Scott Smith, the Vice Chair of the Community foundation shared some powerful words about what the event meant to him. “My mothers bench is right here. Her name is on that bench and she died from cancer two years ago 2 1/2 years ago. Today we get to start the fund that's going to help people with the same disease that she had and it's going to stay right here for our local people. We’re not paying anybody’s salary. We're not building anything we're never going to use. This is for expenses that I got to [experience] firsthand.”

Robbery at Skate Park

On Saturday evening, the Ludington Police Department responded to a reported armed robbery at the Ludington Skate Park in stearns park.   A 24 year old Blanchard, MI resident was  approached by two people, the second of which showed what the victim believed was the handle of a gun. The suspects then demanded money, to which the victim complied.  Suspect #1 is  a white male, described as 5 foot 9 inches tall, slender build, blondish/light brown “buzz cut” style hair,  thought to be wearing a black polo shirt with orange and white stripes that were very thin.  Suspect #2  is described as a black male, 6 foot 3 inches tall, wearing tan shorts, a white T-shirt and a cap.  The Ludington Police Dept. is requesting that anyone having information on this incident call Detcective. Aaron Sailor at the Ludington Police Department at (231) 843-3425.

An executive board meeting this morning at West Shore Community College

WMOM sources say that a recommendation is being drafted on the future of Dr. Kenneth Urban. The executive board is comprised of Bruce Smith, Mike Ennis, and Jim Jensen. WMOM has reached out to Dr. Kenneth Urban to respond to the call for his dismissal. The appeal was made to the board by Professor Matthew Sanderson at the last trustee meeting. WSCC says that executive meetings are not regulated under the open meetings act and therefore not required to be publicized. The recommendation from today's meeting is expected to be on the agenda for the June 19th trustee meeting.

ESD hosts free summer camps.


West Shore ESD’s CTE programs are working with local schools to host summer camps being held in late-June for students. Each camp is designed to give students a project-based learning environment and expose them to potential career fields.  

Agriscience Everywhere: June 19 - 22

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