Manistee Civic Players announce Almost, Maine Cast

The Manistee Civic Players latest production, Almost, Maine, which will take place at the Ramsdell Theatre the last two weekends in April, have announced their cast list. 18 local actors from Manistee and Ludington will take part in the production .

Auditions of Almost Maine at River Street Gallery Downtown Manistee



WSCC celebrates 50 years with first president

It was West Shore Community College’s First President, Dr. John Eaton, who rang in Monday's Board of Trustees Meeting. Jeff Brogren was named staff member of the 2016 fall semester for his 31 years of dedication to detail, and consistent work to maintain the campus.

Brogren1           Brogren2

The board accepted a donation of pipette, test-tube and glassware from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife service, saving the college from using operational funds to pay for science and chemistry lab materials.

President Urban welcomed West Shore's first President, Dr. John Eaton,  by acknowledging minutes from the board meeting which occurred 50 years ago in 1967. Dr. Eaton spoke of the challenges of the early board, including transitioning board members, and earning the respect of the community and legislators.


He also reflected upon the partnership with St. Mary’s, now known as West Shore Medical Center, in which they hosted nursing students in the basement of the hospital, providing the first steps towards the strong nursing program West Shore has today.


Dr. Eaton concluded his statement by reflecting upon the growth of the College and the community foundation.

The board then moved onto discussion of their ongoing efforts to receive a new accreditation for the college. There was discussion regarding what qualifications will be required for professors under this new accreditation, due to the increasing threshold of educational requirements to become a professor. The next Board of Trustees meeting will be April 17th at 5pm off campus at the West Shore Educational Service District.


Orioles fly towards Breslin


The Orioles basketball team had a big send off for East Lansing this morning as locals cheered the team as the bus traveled down Ludington Avenue with a police escort.  Tonight our hometown heroes will face the 25 and 1 River Rouge—a team that’s won 14 state championships.  The pregame show will be at 7:15 tonight with the tip off at 7:50.  You can listen at 102-dot-7 FM or on our live webstream at

IRS Phone scam continues

 Please be advised that, once again, citizens are receiving telephone calls and voicemail messages from individuals claiming to be with the IRS. According to Sheriff Craig Mast The callers are threatening people with arrest, if they do not pay what they say are taxes owed.  Please know that the IRS will NEVER call individuals regarding taxes matters.


 If you receive such a telephone call, just hang up. Voice mail messages of the same type need to be disregarded and deleted.  The Oceana County Sheriff is saying that there is no use in reporting receipt of such scam phone calls, as there is nothing they can do about it at this time.  Citizens should never, give personal information over the telephone, whether it be bank account information, social security information, dates of birth, addresses.

Schuette provides 2016 Michigan Human Trafficking Commission Report


The 2016 Michigan Human Trafficking Commission Report was given to Michigan lawmakers yesterday. The report highlights the work completed and the ongoing work by the Commission, including the State-wide Human Trafficking Conference, Working with medical professionals to develop a training video for health care professionals to use to identify human trafficking victims, and reviewing state law and policies to make legislative recommendations. State Representative Bronna Kahle’s  House Bill 4219, legislation recommended by the Michigan Human Trafficking Commission, was also highlighted. If passed by the Senate and signed by the Governor, victims of human trafficking would have the ability to have a prostitution-related offense that they were forced to commit removed from their criminal record. “Victims of human trafficking deserve a fresh start after the terrifying ordeal they have gone through,” said Michigan Attorney Bill Schuette. “My hope is that this legislation becomes law and helps a victim set their record straight, and allows them to secure a job or continue their education.” Michigan ranks No. 2 in the country for human trafficking. 

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