City Council approved mileage and 6th ward councilor

Last night the Ludington city council voted unanimously to appoint Dave Bourgette to the position of 6th ward councilor. Council members praised both candidates. Councilor Les Johnson was also confirmed as Mayor Pro-tem. They also honored Gary Castonia for the work he has done as 6th ward councilor.

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Taxes were a large portion of yesterday's city council meeting. The city intends to use bonds to help pay for the new Fire Station. There will be a slight increase in taxes that will go towards the Downtown Development Board. The Police Pension Fund rate will stay the same as last year, general operating millage and Refuse Fund will see a slight drop. The independent auditor gave a positive evaluation, praising the “excellent cooperation with city staff” and work well done for the city.

During last night's public comment, concern was expressed regarding the impact of the lane reduction on traffic and safety. Sargent Sands was mentioned as a concern, questioning the impact of the trucks on additional traffic with fewer lanes. The city responded to these concerns by confirming that no decision had been made regarding lanes. At this time, the city is seeking volunteers to assist in counting traffic at intersections in order to provide data to MDOT whether this is the best options for these road. At this time, if lane changes are approved, the trial period would occur in spring of 2018.

Council to appoint new councilor and vote upon mileages

The Ludington city council will vote on adjustments to the mileage based upon the Headlee amendment.  This limits the amount that can be collected in taxes to the rate of inflation. The Police Pension Fund rate is expected to stay the same as last year. General operating millage and Refuse Fund are expected to see a slight drop.

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Now that Gary Castonia has decided to serve as 2nd district commissioner, the council must appoint a new 6th ward councilor. There were 2 who submitted letters of interest, Carrie Rangel and Dave Bourgette. Interviews for the position of 6th ward councilor will begin tonight at 4pm at the Community room in the basement of the Municipal building.


Communications from the Mayor will include resolutions of appreciations and an appointment of Adam Lamb to the marina board. The Ludington City Council meeting will take place tonight at 6:30pm in the Municipal Building.

Deer-motorcycle accident results in fatality

27 year old Justin Paulsen lost his life sunday night after colliding with a deer on Decker Road west of Tyndall while riding a motorcycle. He was wearing a helmet at the time and speed is not indicated as a factor in the accident.

Armed Robbery Photos released

Police have released pictures from the surveillance video of the armed robbery that occurred early Wednesday morning at the New Era Wesco. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Oceana County Sheriff's office at (231)873-6763


Huizenga fights to cap fees

On Wednesday, Congressman Bill Huizenga (MI-02) testified before the House Natural Resources Committee on his legislation to modernize the Endangered Species Act. H.R. 3131, introduced by Congressman Huizenga, brings the hourly rate for awards of fees to prevailing attorneys to $125 per hour.


Huizenga defended his bill on the house floor, “This bill would ensure that all Americans who sue the federal government are entitled to the same reasonable limits when it comes to being awarded taxpayer-funded attorneys’ fees. Veterans, small businesses, and federal benefit recipients go through this right now and frankly Mr. Chairman if it’s good enough for our citizens, it should be good enough for our flora and fauna. It is past time to apply this sensible cap to ESA suits as well.” Huizenga responded to the criticism that the bill would restrict access to the courts, by clarifying it should not limit access if it is truly about the wellbeing of our natural resources, and not about money.  

Congressman Huizenga’s Testimony:

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