Hamlin Grocery Permanently Closed

A lot of rumors are swirling with the disappearance of Hamlin Grocery Store owner Vaughn Flewelling.  Only several people in law enforcement know exactly where he actually is.  He was found “somewhere out west” on Thursday, last week.  Not unexpected, was yesterday’s announcement that the popular convenience store on Jebavy Road is closed permanently.  It was posted on Facebook.  Several area news agencies have snooped into tax records and found that state sales tax and property tax has been left unpaid.  They say it’s moving toward six figures.  Also, it’s rumored that the keys to the store were handed over to a local bank, to let them straighten out the mess.  This is not the first time that Hamlin Grocery has suffered financial problems.  Several years ago, monies collected for hunting licenses were not turned over to the State of Michigan.  That time, a bookkeeper was convicted of retaining federal tax deposits for Hamlin Grocery and other business without transmitting the funds to the IRS.  Informed sources tell MOM news that a lot more is to come on this story.

UPDATE: Vaughn Flewelling Found Safe Out Of State ... Traveling On 'Own Free Will'

Vaughn Flewelling has been found and is safe according to Mason County Sheriff Kim Cole.  Flewelling was located out of state traveling on a Greyhound Bus. 

Cole said a man was observed unloading Flewelling’s car for several minutes at an apartment complex in Muskegon on surveillance video recorded Monday morning.  The car was reported as ‘suspicious’ by the apartment manager on Wednesday morning after it had been parked there for two days.

The plate on the car had not been changed from the previous owner.  This triggered a review of video surveillance by law enforcement. The man in the apartment video could not be conclusively identified as Flewelling. 

Video at a nearby Shell gas station showed the same man, but he still could not be identified. When the man walked to the nearby Wesco station, Cole said, the video was clearer and showed the man to be Flewelling.

The trail led to the Greyhound bus station and a bus bound for Grand Rapids, then a bus from Grand Rapids to Flewelling’s current location.

Authorities confirmed Flewelling is healthy and traveling under his own free will.

Dr. Stich Resigns From VP Position At WSCC

Dr. Lisa Stich, Vice President of Academics & Student Services, submitted her resignation to President Kenneth Urban effective on April 1. Dr. Stich served in that position for approximately five years. 

While the college did not intend to release a public statement regarding Dr. Stich’s resignation beyond notifying the staff, which the president had already done.

It is not the college’s current or prior practice to send statements or news releases on resignations and retirements of staff unless the departing staff member requests such public notification. Lisa did not request such a release.

The college plans to conduct a search for a new vice president and will begin the process in the near future.

SSCENT Team Busts Van For Being Mobile Meth Lab

It’s where art imitates life, like a scene out of the popular television series ‘Breaking Bad’.  Instead of Heisenberg in a Winnebago, it was the Sscent team busting a van.  It happened Sunday night in a local grocery store parking lot.  At least five witnesses were there.  Our tipster says a similar incident happened within the month in the Lake County area.  MOM news has heard other reports of mobile meth labs in several areas of Mason County.  Law enforcement officials are being tight-lipped about all of the incidents.

Mark Vipperman No Longer In Postion At SHLH

Mark Vipperman, president of Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital is no longer in his position. 

During the search for a new president, Randy Stasik will assume responsibility for leading the local hospital.  Stasik is also president of Spectrum Health Gerber Memorial in Freemont. 

In a press release to MOM news, hospital officials say that Vipperman played an integral role in the Ludington Hospital integration with Spectrum, three years ago. 

The press release does not specify whether Vipperman’s departure was voluntary or involuntary.

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