Vacancy on Mason County Board of Commissioners

First it was the Ludington City Council's fifth ward seat and now the Mason County Commissioners have a vacancy for the second district commission seat.
Court House
The bed-and-breakfast owned by Commissioner Bill Carpenter has been sold resulting in Mr. Carpenter moving out of his district on June 21.
Administrator Fabian Knizacky said, “We’ll accept letters of interest and put them in the county board packet for the next meeting on July 11. We’ll give the candidates an opportunity to make a presentation to the board and then the board will do a roll call vote”
In order to serve on the Mason County Board of commissioners, you must be a voter living in the second district. Please submit your letter of interest and resume no later than 2pm on July 5th to:
Mason County Clerk’s Office-District 2 Commissioner
304 E. Ludington Ave.
Ludington, MI 49431
The commission will review candidates and make a vote during the July 11th meeting.

Ludington City Council votes to oppose Enbridge Line 5

Public comment was full of praise for the Ludington City Councils decision to oppose Enbridge Line 5, many citing their desire to be proactive in protecting the great lakes from a disaster that could be impossible to clean up. Some criticized the council and those that stood in support, saying it's hypocritical to shut down a line while many continue to use just as much oil without alternative methods of transportation.

isaac wendland 96138

During the council vote, Krouch entered a motion to table the resolution due to lack of information. The motion went to a vote but only Michael Krauch and Brandy Henderson voted to send it back to allow for more information to be presented to council members. With The vote to send it back denied, the council voted to approve the resolution in opposition of Enbridge Line 5. The council will send letters to representatives expressing their opposition.

5th Ward Candidates Interviewed

Three sat before the City council yesterday afternoon, answering questions in the hopes of securing the recently vacant 5th ward councilor seat. All three expressed a community need for improved communication from the City Council.

Michael Shaw was first, hoping to set an example for the city and encouraging others to get involved. Shaw currently serves on the Mason County Planning Commission.

Wally Cain, Floracrafts IT director, campaigned on “staying the course”, citing work already done by the city and expressing interest in working in the books by describing it as fun. Cain has served on the zoning board of appeals and the Mason County building authority.

The final interview was with Steve Miller who focused on respecting the wishes of the 5th ward and using change to the wards advantage. Steve Miller, promotional manager at WMOM, currently serves on the  Downtown Development authority.

The council is expected to make a decision at the June 26th council meeting.

Ludington Shows equality

More than two hundred people showed up to Rotary park on Sunday to show support for members of the LGBTQ community.

IMG 2041

Renee Snodgrass, coordinator for the rally said, I was really excited about how many older people came. You know, you think that this is a young person's movement but it's not. I just met a couple who lived in Ludington for 45 years and they never thought they'd see something like this so it's really brought so many people together”

Love Ludington proves angelic

Angel Panorama1 by Sue Brown

Ludington is officially in the Guinness World Record books for the most sand angels created simultaneously, blowing away the previous record of 362 with a sand angel count of 1387. 27 people were deducted from the total number due to guinness regulations. The event served as a fundraiser for Spectrum health's Community Foundation to build an account to help cancer patients and their family pay for additional expenses.

world record 2017

Before the announcement, Scott Smith, the Vice Chair of the Community foundation shared some powerful words about what the event meant to him. “My mothers bench is right here. Her name is on that bench and she died from cancer two years ago 2 1/2 years ago. Today we get to start the fund that's going to help people with the same disease that she had and it's going to stay right here for our local people. We’re not paying anybody’s salary. We're not building anything we're never going to use. This is for expenses that I got to [experience] firsthand.”

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