Hunting & Fishing Licenses

A bill related to increasing hunting and fishing fees is currently deadlocked at a tie. The bill, which has already been approved by the House, could be voted on again next week.

Liar Liar

The Canadian model, Lelya Ghobadi, who accused Kanye of cheating on Kim, admited she didn't tell the truth. Ghobadi told The Sun that she originally met Kanye at a concert in Montreal and slept with him that night. She also said that Kanye flew her and friends out to his concert in Toronto where they again, had a sexual encounter. She added that all of this happened before Kim and he never spoke of her. 

"But what I do know is Kanye is a Romeo - he can never be trusted... he will never be faithful to one girl"

Sounds like someone is just bitter that she was nothing more than a booty call. At least she got her 5 minutes of fame.

Chad Johnson is Free & Loves his Judge

Chad Johnson has been released from jail after his booty-slapping his lawyer during a hearing. Johnson called his judge a "blessing in disguise" and said that he was thankful for the time he spent in jail in the past week. He told TMZ:

"I had a lot of time to reflect. A lot of time to think about where I've been, where I am now and where I'm going."

He also said that the judge helped him slow down, when no one close to him could get him to do that. He added "I love her to death". His first stop out of jail? McDonald's.

Nerves Got the Best of Miss Utah

Miss UtahMarissa Powell, blames her infamous answer, or lack therof, on nerves, during the question round of competitions during the Miss USA Pageant. At least that's what sources close to the beauty queen told TMZ. Suppodely, Powell spaced out during the question and didn't hear it so she made something up, but instead got more and more flustered. What a winner!

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