Murder Trial Can Proceed In 'Baby Kate' Disappearance

The Michigan Supreme Court has declined to get involved in the ‘Baby Kate’ murder trial.  That clears the way for the trial to proceed with Judge Peter Wadel.  An order was issued Wednesday declining to hear an appeal by Mason County Prosecutor Paul Spaniola and Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette that was looking to replace Judge Wadel.

Katherine Phillips, also know as ‘Baby Kate’ disappeared in 2011 from the Ludington area.  Her body has yet to be found.

Sean Phillips will stand trial for the murder.  He is currently serving a prison term of 10 to 15 years for unlawful imprisonment of his daughter, ‘Baby Kate’.  He was convicted by a Mason County jury in April of 2012.


Early Spring Storm Hits Lakeshore

It was an early spring storm, for which Michigan is famous.  As blustery as Thursday was, Easter could be in the 40s.  Yesterday saw rain, snow, sleet and high winds.  Electric power outages occurred all over Mason County.  Schools closed a day early for the Easter break.  Some businesses were open and others closed in the late afternoon.  Numerous Internet outages were reported as well.  Hopes are everything will be back to normal by Monday morning.

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